Jahangir Golestan-Parast. producer/director of “Bam 6.6” and "Amir's Garden", was born in Isfahan, Iran on April 4, 1951 and raised in a family of restaurateurs. 

Leaving Iran at the age of 17, Jahangir pursued educational studies and business interests in London and France before finally settling in southern California 's Orange County . 


He has lived in four countries and traveled to nearly 40 countries, which has provided a unique perspective on many cultures from around the world.


An international financier and a student of film making at UCLA, Jahangir's first documentary “ Isfahan , A City Known as Half the World” was based on the city of his birth and released in 1997. Expanding that effort into a series known as “The Essence of Iran Series”, “ Iran , a Video Journey” was released in 2000 and captures the life of a typical modern-day Iranian. Both films have achieved critical acclaim and accolades.


His desire to make films was initially kindled as a young teenager watching American films in Iranian movie theaters. Many years later, the personal abuses depicted in Sally Fields' “Not Without My Daughter” moved him to action. It solidified an overwhelming passion to inform and educate the world about the true texture of the Iranian culture and people.


Ryan Blake is the producer/filmmaker behind "John and the Pahlavan". Growing up as a wrestler in Illinois, Ryan continues to learn and gain appreciation for the sport by exposing its strength in video production. 

When Ryan first met Jahangir it was at the 2014 World Cup right after Team USA and Team Iran had wrestled Team USA, Jahangir's genuine and compassionate personality shined through and stood out to Ryan.

Both Ryan and Jahangir were working on separate projects at the time but after a year, an opportunity opened up and the two film enthusiasts started working together on this wrestling project to promote commonality.

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